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Hurricane Sandy SNAP (Food Stamps) and Other Food Replacement Info

Were Any of Your SNAP (Food Stamps) Purchases Lost Because of Hurricane Sandy?
If you are a current SNAP recipient in the areas/zip codes impacted by Hurricane Sandy*, you will automatically get additional benefit dollars placed on your cards soon, equal to half the dollar amount of your October benefits. To receive this reimbursement, you do not have to fill out any forms and you do not have to visit or call HRA. The extra money will be placed on your card electronically and automatically, without you needing to make a request.
However, if you lost more than half of the food you purchased in October with your SNAP dollars, and want to be reimbursed for that additional food, then you do need to fill out this form:

Click here to download the SNAP Replacement Form

* To see if your zip code is on the list of "Areas Affected by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Mass Benefit Replacement Due to Hurricane Sandy" please click here: