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Statement in Response to Farm Bill Slashing SNAP by $4.1 Billion

Senate Committee Chooses Foreign Corporate Welfare Subsidies Over Feeding Hungry Americans
Advocates Praise Senator Gillibrand’s Fight for Nutrition Assistance

Joel Berg, Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger stated the following in response to the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee’s passage of the Farm Bill today:

“Senator Kirsten Gillibrand bravely offered an amendment today that would have prevented deep cuts in SNAP (formerly food stamp) benefits by instead cutting subsidies for crop insurance companies, many of which are foreign owned. We are grateful to Senator Gillibrand for her courageous and common-sense leadership on this issue. Unfortunately, the Committee did not embrace her amendment, and instead passed a bill that values foreign corporate welfare over feeding our children, seniors, and low-income working people. If this version of the Farm Bill becomes law, $4.1 billion in SNAP funding would be cut, and that would mean $90 less a month for 500,000 families already struggling to make ends meet. At a time of soaring national hunger, Congress should be taking action to increase nutrition assistance funding. Instead, they are doing the exact opposite. It’s a somber day for the hunger movement as this legislation would reverse what we have been fighting for decades. We will fight hard to support Senator Gillibrand’s amendment when the full Senate takes up the bill soon.”

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