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Research & Policy Development

Advocating & Researching for Anti-Hunger Policies

NYCCAH is leading the national advocacy movement to end hunger in America. Our community organizing, and policy and research efforts, provide a national model for peer organizations in the anti-hunger movement. Working with officials at every level of government, we advance policies to end hunger and promote economic justice. 
We conduct original research on hunger and poverty in New York City and America to help the public better understand the causes of, and solutions to, hunger and poverty. Our research informs our policy recommendations, and is a valuable tool for partner organizations and elected officials alike. Our research publications are often cited by leading elected officials, top national news outlets, and used as a point of reference in developing government policies.

Annual Survey & Hunger Report

Each November, we conduct our Annual Survey & Hunger Report. The report is the most widely cited data on hunger and food insecurity in New York City. To view the 2013 report click here.

Center for American Progress

Joel Berg, the Coalition’s Executive Director, is also a Senior Fellow for the Center for American Progress (CAP), a leading think tank based in Washington DC. Joel researches and writes papers and participates in events at the Center, which is dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action.

Building on the achievements of progressive pioneers such as Teddy Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, CAP’s work addresses 21st-century challenges such as energy, national security, economic growth and opportunity, immigration, education, and health care. The Center develops new policy ideas, critiques policy stemming from conservative values, and challenges the media to cover the issues that truly matter and shape the national debate.

You can see papers that Joel has written for CAP here.