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Child Nutrition, In-Classroom

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal for a child in school. While many schools provide breakfast, there are a number of children who do not receive it. At NYCCAH, we believe this problem can be solved by making breakfast in the classroom for every student at every school. Providing a successful educational experience for children is one of the first steps toward creating a city that is self-sufficient.

For every 100 students receiving federally-funded free or reduced price school lunch in the city, only 34 receive breakfast, depriving the city of $53,127,696 in lost federal funds for schools. In contrast, across the nation over half of all low-income students who participate in school lunch also participate in school breakfast.

That is why the New York City Coalition Against Hunger has made it a top priority to conduct advocacy and outreach activities to increase the number of schools in the city providing in-classrooms breakfast.