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Solutions to Hunger

Raising wages and maximizing participation in federal nutrition programs are the best long-term solutions to ending dependence on food charity. At the same time, such federal spending is proven to add a significant boost to the economy. The fight to end hunger and the fight to end poverty are intertwined - without proper nourishment, obtaining and keeping jobs as well as concentrating in school become more difficult. Living-wage jobs and education are the best tools in combating poverty. Food stamp/SNAP benefits assist people in obtaining nutritious food as they attempt to go to school and find stable jobs that will eventually help them move beyond the soup kitchen to self-sufficiency.

You can learn about our plan to end hunger in NYC by 2018, Food Secure NYC 2018, here.

You can also read our Executive Director Joel Berg's reports on the subject for the Center for American Progress, here.


Watch Our Executive Director Joel Berg's Exclusive Webinar on the Bucket Brigrades and the Fight Against Hunger here: