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Farm Fresh Food Access

 Our Farm Fresh Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program distributes high-quality, sustainably grown, affordable produce in some of the city’s highest poverty, poorest communities. Our groundbreaking model puts low-income individuals at the centerpiece of the program, subsidizing shares based on income, accepting SNAP as a form of payment, and providing after-work pick-up hours. Members purchase “shares” of a farmer’s crop for the entire growing season (approximately 22 weeks), which increases access to small, regional farmers in urban communities.  

In 2013, our CSA distributed over 91,000 pounds of fresh, local, and affordable produce to 427 families.  This project not only boosts farmers and aids the diets of struggling families, but provides a model for how Washington and Albany can create polices to improve community nutrition

"It’s really important to me to get organic, affordable food and talk to the people who grow my food who actually care about the consumer." – Sarah, CSA member and volunteer


To learn more about our partner CSAs visit their websites below:

·         Bronx CSA

·         Central Brooklyn CSA

·         Flatbush Farm Share

·         West Harlem CSA


For more information about our Farm Fresh Initiative programs, please contact Carrette Perkins at 212-825-0028 x 217 or email her at