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90 Anti-Hunger & Opportunity Corps Volunteers Dedicate Service to West Texas Plant Explosion Site

Posted by mallen on October 30, 2013

Last weekend, 90 Anti-Hunger & Opportunity Corps volunteers from 28 states across the nation dedicated a day of service to the West, Texas plant explosion site...

One Year After Sandy, Hungry Disaster Survivors to Face Deep Cut in Nutrition Benefits

Posted by mallen on October 29, 2013

“One year after Sandy hit New York City, the situation remains incredibly grim for low-income New Yorkers, and is about to get worse. While the outpouring of food aid in the immediate aftermath of the storm provided a temporary boost, most of the low-income neighborhoods impacted worst – such as the Lowest East Side, Red Hook, Coney Island, and the Rockaways – will face massive reductions in nutrition assistance when the federal ‘hunger cliff’ reductions in the SNAP (formerly food stamp) benefits go into effect November 1...

Thanks to Our WeDidIt Donors!

Posted by mallen on October 23, 2013

Thank you to the following individuals who generously donated to our video campaign with WE DID IT  at the $50 level. you can join them today at

Amanda Dunham

Roe Sauerzopf

Gabriel Berlin

Alison Curry

Katie Levans

Princess Monster Truck

Peter Komassa

Thomas Mansfield

Food Choice is Not A Reality at Most Pantries

Posted by mallen on October 21, 2013

Chuck Klosterman’s recent column for the New York times magazine misses the mark. Mr. Klosterman seems unaware of how the majority of U.S. food cupboards – also known as food pantries – operate.

Lunch 4 Learning Campaign Calls for Free School Lunch

Posted by mallen on October 18, 2013

By Joshua Rivera

Yesterday, at a City Hall press conference the Lunch 4 Learning coalition, accompanied by a group of elected officials, presented a letter and signed petitions calling on the next mayor to institute free lunch for all New York City public school students. Eighty-eight organizations and thousands of individuals signed on to urge the next mayor’s administration to adopt universal school meals.

Budget Deal Keeps Massive SNAP/Food Stamps Cuts in Place;

Posted by mallen on October 17, 2013

Sequester Stays for Infant and Women's Nutrition, Head Start, Food Pantries & Kitchens

The following is a statement by Joel Berg, Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger:

Hate Mail and Our Response

Posted by mallen on October 16, 2013

We received the below letter from a man in Georgia in response to a brief and out of context appearance our Executive Director Joel Berg made on a Fox special about Food Stamps.

Dear Mr. Berg,

Just like president Obama, you are a liar.

I have worked all my life, I am a Vietnam veteran, I pay taxes, and I resent your recruiting able but lazy people to apply for food stamps they do not need or deserve.  If you want to be a socialist, move to Europe.  Don't try to socialize America.

Shame on you.

(Name Redacted)

NYC Event Kicks-off National Effort to Stop Planned SNAP (Food Stamp) Cuts

Posted by mallen on October 1, 2013

Project Hunger Clock Countdown Counts Time Until November 1st SNAP Cuts

Government Shut-Down Threatens Nutrition for Pregnant Women and Infants


Statement in Response to House Passage of $40 Billion in Cuts to SNAP

Posted by mallen on September 19, 2013


Statement from New York City Coalition Against Hunger Executive Director Joel Berg in Response to House Passage of $40 Billion in Cuts to SNAP