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Advocates Call For In-Classroom Breakfast

Posted by mallen on February 10, 2015

Advocates & Elected Officials Respond to New National Report Finding NYC Schools Already Poor Participation in School Meals Has Gotten Even Worse


NYC Goes Against National Trend of Improving Breakfast Participation

Child Hunger Action Alert

Posted by mallen on January 16, 2015

Grimm and Other Felons Are Food Fraud Hypocrites

Posted by mallen on December 23, 2014

NEWSFLASH: Rich Getting Richer, Poor Getting Hungrier

Posted by mallen on December 17, 2014

According to new data calculated by the Coalition Against Hunger, the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting hungrier.


The wealthiest 400 Americans now have a net worth of 2.29 trillion, compared to 872 million in 2002. Over the same time period, food-insecure Americans rose from 34,902,000 to 48,966,000.

SNAP Opponents Lose

Posted by mallen on November 5, 2014

NYCCAH In Australia: October Public Lectures

Posted by bboyd on September 29, 2014

Joel will be in Australia as a guest of the Sydney-based Right to Food Coalition, and will be the keynote speaker at the inaugural food security conference being held in Sydney on 13 & 14 October.


Posted by mallen on September 26, 2014