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Food Action Board

What We Do

The goal of the Food Action Board (FAB) program is to develop the leadership, advocacy, and community organizing skills of low-income community members interested in food, hunger, and anti-poverty initiatives. FAB members play leadership roles in the effort  to promote food security and economic opportunity. FAB Members visit and lobby leading elected officials, speak out to the national and local news media, present at and attend community events, lobby visits, and more.

 Where We Do It

We run six neighborhood groups across the city in partnership with emergency food programs in Staten Island, Long Island City, Flatbush, Bed-Stuy, Bronx, East Harlem, and Chelsea.  

How We Do It

Food Action Board members meet every two weeks to (1) train and (2) take action. NYCCAH offers a series of trainings and leadership development opportunities for members to increase their knowledge and skills. Members put their skills to use as advocates in our policy campaigns. From providing public testimony, sharing their story with the media, signing and circulating petitions, to educating peers and officials, our FAB members are on the front lines of the anti-hunger movement.

Why We Do It

No social movement in history has achieved victory without significant leadership from the people most affected by the problem. There is no way we can end hunger and slash poverty in America unless low-income Americans, who have experienced the problem first-hand, play a central role. We present the Food Action Boards as a national model for ensuring that people from low-income backgrounds play leadership roles in the anti-hunger movement.

Sign Up

We are always looking for new members and partners. If you are interested in joining email Rasna Sethi at